Thursday, 26 December 2013

2013 top 5 books

Here we are (already!) late December and for the first time of my blog (that is only a few months...) I'm going to present you five books published in 2013 that I really loved. Insofar as I read mainly paperback books, it's rare that I read the releases of the year but since I can read ARC... I can finally make this list! Here are the 5 best books I've read:

The Big Reap by Chris F. Holm

I am a big fan of his trilogy. I've never been disappointed by his books and this last book is so good, it can only be in the best books I've read. In this last one, Chris plays with the greatest horror movies and is tough to Sam (the collector). We discover a new side of Sam while learning who was his first collect. Lili is also more present in this book, her history is revealed which allows us to understand her reactions. There's a lot of actions in this book as Sam engages in a hunt for rebels. All with, as always, this great black humor that can be found throughout the book. A big must read!

Letters from a Murderer by John Mathews 

A New York cop must team up with a British pathologist to find Jack the Ripper, newly arrived in the United States. The atmosphere of the book, the historical background, the characters, everything is excellent. Even the secondary characters are well drawn in this book, while some authors are struggling to make their main character appealing! The two become friend but sometimes one doubt the other. For those familiar with the series, this book is a nice mix of Ripper Street and Copper, with a sprig of Gang of New York... a great mix to discover!

Out of Exile by Luke Preston

I was not bored for a second reading this book. This is dynamite, many (including your dedicated here present) compared this book to Die Hard as Out of Exile is so captivating. Stunts, explosions and chases follow on. But this book is not just a sequence of actions, it's also a police investigation, a track back into the heart of the police, to the top of the hierarchy. It's a race against the clock for Tom Bishop who must rescue a woman and her daughter from the clutches of gangsters before being overtaken by these thugs and thrown back in jail. Dear reader, you will end this book breathless!

The King's Hounds by Martin Jensen  

A Danish author who teaches you about England history, that's already quite something but when it involves vikings, what more can one ask! I really liked to learn more about the life at that time, I also loved Halfdane and Winston duo... without forgetting Atheling the donkey. In a burst of generosity, I'll give you another reason to read this book: the characters excellently written, the comical scenes, Halfdane's humor, the intrigue well done... And here is the magic of boxing day Christmas time, that's four more reasons instead of one!

Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman 

A bit of fantasy in this top 5 with a fairy story. The author has created a world of her own that we soon learn to know well and take for granted. I enjoyed the many facets of this novel that affects many aspects of society, the gargoyle that comes to life, the very Downtown Abbey side of the Fae world and the three characters Cathy, Max and Sam. But Between Two Thorns is not just a fairy tale: an important figure disappeared and the trio must find him. To do this, they will unveil a plot in a resounding end...


And then, as I read too many good books this year and making a choice was not easy, here are some more books published before 2013 (as I said I read in paperback so I'm rarely aware of the latest releases anyway... )

The Ghost Riders of Ordebec by Fred Vargas. Because I love Adamsberg's wacky style, the lightness in Fred Vargas's novels, the way she leds us around by the nose to show us the guilty one we couldn't find so caught we are in the myths and legends lurking on the investigation.

The Sadness of the Samurai by Victor Del Arbol. A beautiful discovery. This author handles Spanish history as well as police procedures in a hard novel, nervous, rich, wise and philosophical... not bad for a single book, right?

The Torment of Others by Val McDermid. It is not for the faint hearted but that's so good! Watch out for the suspense that continues unabated: sleepness night ahead... The author can make us feel the emotions of her characters, we're concern for them, we empathise, we know them. And if you need another reason, Tony, one of the characters has his own TV series, that's how good it is!

Alex by Pierre Lemaître. A hard-hitting book. An incredibly writing as much literary as slangy. A writer who plays with our feelings and makes us to love and hate the victim, an end well done. Alex knows a well-deserved success, a must read!

Le requiem des abysses by Maxime Chattam. I admit, I 'm a bit lot sold to Chattam's books but I love the way he plays with my nerves! His blend of suspense and horror keeps me awake, it's probably his biggest flaw (yes, because I 'm still supposed to work on day!)

The Leopard by Jo Nesbo. One of the best books I've read this year. The book which has made me delve into Harry Hole's life, for better and often for worse! Because Harry gets hit on a regular basis but he always succeeds. Another sleepless nights author...


  1. Just found Between Two Thorns, myself. Am 20% in and am loving it! I look forward to exploring some of your other 2013 top reads.

  2. Why thanks! You should love them, they are really great books :D