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Bred to Kill by Franck Thilliez

PENGUIN GROUP Viking - Viking Adult (Jan 8 2015)

I had bought it with Syndrom E at the Quebec Book Fair in April 2013 but honestly, if I did not have it I would have run to buy it because of the cliffhanger in the first book. Now I see that it'll be out in English in 2015. Happy you! You'll have the chance to read it... and let me tell you, the wait was worth it!

The blurb

The electrifying sequel to the runaway international bestsellerSyndrome E

Syndrome E’s Lucie Henebelle and Inspector Sharko have reunited to take on the case of the brutal murder of Eva Louts, a promising graduate student who was killed while working at a primate research center outside Paris. But what first appears to be a vicious animal attack soon proves to be something more sinister. What was Eva secretly researching? Was she tracking three fanatical scientists who control a thirty-thousand-year-old virus with plans to unleash it into the world?

With his unmatched ability to inject cutting-edge science into his novels, Thilliez draws on genetics, paleontology, and the dark side of human nature to create this smart, adrenaline-fueled thriller.Bred to Kill moves from the rain-slicked streets of Paris to the heart of the Alps to the remote
Amazon jungle as Lucie and Sharko work to solve the murder—before whoever killed Eva comes for them.

What's good about it

I prefered this book to the first one and by far. First, because I've learned a lot of things on genetic - thank you to the meticulous research done by the author and his real gift to vulgarise complex concepts - then, because I loved to meet again with Lucie and Franck and last because the rythm never faltered and I love that!

We find again Lucie and Franck who succeed once again in drawing their strength from their weaknesses and their rage to lead to end their investigation. I am very surprised by the accuracy of Lucy's portrait, knowing that the author is a man. Some of the questions that Lucie arises seemed legitimate. The author obviously has a good understanding of the female psyche! As for Frank, I was sorry to see him in an even more pitiable condition than in Syndrome [E] (yes, it's possible!) His redemption goes through his support to Lucy. In short, very realistic and well-written characters.

Another strong point of the novel is the fierce struggle of a cop to bring down Frank. Honestly, there was a moment - or two - where I really wanted to hit him! The relationships between the characters are so well written that when that cop lashes out at Franck, we believe it, we're experiencing it and we are not happy!

Regarding the story, I loved it! What I like in a good thriller is that the explanation is plausible, credible and intelligible. Here, the three qualities are present. Thilliez explains genetics in a clear and understandable way, and the facts are proven. So - in my opinion - it's a guarantee of quality. And then - again in that story - we travel, this time in Brazil. That's when I thought that the author does not fancy heat! Whether in Egypt for the previous volume or here in Brazil, its painful description of the heat makes me think he prefers colder temperatures. But hats off to the way he made me feel sweaty!

The pace of this novel is intense, it's a race to find a group of individuals who show a violence that wasn't seen since Cro-magnon and the mastermind behind it all. Each track leads to a (bad) surprise and drags them along, taking us with them in an investigation as dangerous as scientific.

Let's be brief

A book I've read even faster than the first one, which I liked even more and that I recommend without hesitation. With Gataca, you'll never look left-handed people in the same way...

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