Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Once for this time...

I won't review a book but show off with my interview!

Marina Sofia, whom you can find on Twitter or on her delicious blog, findingtimetowrite, is featuring interviews with avid readers of crime fiction. And I had the great pleasure to answer her questions this month. 

Marina Sofia is a writer, a poet, who also review crime fiction on the Crime Fiction Lover website. She's a book lover and a crime fiction fan. We almost meet each other at Quais du Polar in France. Well, she saw me as I was a volunteer and didn't allow her to go into a room already too full of people (it was YOU! she told me) (I'm happy to see she's not mad at me!) Now I wish I could remember our first encounter (I guess I just have to go back there and meet her again!)

On the first of december, I was her guest. So if (or more "as" mwahaha) you want to know a little bit more about me or you don't but you'd like to read her posts which go from poetry to pictures, interviews, reviews, etc (everyone of you should find some kind of delight!), you just have to go there.

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